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Safe Way Treads Wear Like Iron!
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I bought a set of these reflective treads for the new deck I built. They are still in great condition after two years of blistering SoCal summer heat and two winter downpours. We are having our house remodeled now, and workers carrying sacks of cement, drywall, lumber and sand are tromping on the stair treads, and they still hold up fine. We hose off our deck regularly as well and they have not come loose.

The Last Bath Mat You Will Ever Buy!
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My only regret is not finding out about peel and stick bathtub mats 30 years ago. This mat is thin and sticks directly to the tub, so you can hardly tell it's there. Unlike suction cup mats that are bulky and have a tendency to slide around as well as get mildew underneath. Straightforward and simple installation, non-slip surface, and long length make this product a winner in all aspects. Everyone should own one of these.

Super Reflective - Holds Great!
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Tape sticks to surface like it’s hanging on for dear life - definitely don’t need to worry about it coming off. The reflectiveness of this product is amazing blends in good with aluminum panels so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb but when the light hits it you definitely know it’s there super bright.

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Tuff Coat Non Skid Coating Primer CP-10 (concrete, wood, fiberglass, painted surfaces) - Drop Ships - 7 to 14 Day Processing

Tuff Coat Non Skid Coating Primer CP-10 (concrete, wood, fiberglass, painted surfaces) - Drop Ships - 7 to 14 Day Processing

Tuff Coat Non Skid Coating Primer CP-10 (concrete, wood, fiberglass, painted surfaces) - Drop Ships - 7 to 14 Day Processing


ATTENTION: All Tuff Coat product sales are final/non returnable. 

CP-10: Water Based Epoxy Primer

Gallon Spread 250 Sq. Ft.

Quart Spread 60 Sq. Ft.

For use with Tuff Coat Non Skid Coatings, CP-10 is a two-part, one-to-one mix, water-based primer used for concrete, wood, fiberglass, and painted surfaces.


TUFF COAT is only as good as the surface that it adheres to.

  • Never assume that a surface is clean unless you have cleaned it yourself.
  • Please ensure that the surface (substrate) is sound, dry, and free of all wax, oil, grease, and loose materials. It is essential that you properly clean the surface that is to be coated.
  • You must remove all grease, oil, and other contaminants from the surface. Do NOT leave any residue.
  • If there is any question of contamination, clean thoroughly with a commercial degreaser, such as ZEP Purple or Simple Green, or laundry detergent and a scrub brush.
  • Do NOT use solvent-based products for cleaning purposes. Soap and water only. 


CP-10: Water Based Epoxy Primer The mixing ratio for CP-10 Primer is 1:1, Epoxy Resin: Hardener, by equal volume.

Mixing CP-10 Primer: Use drill mixer (approximately 250-500 RPM) with metal mixing blade. Pour hardener contents into half-filled resin can and mix for 2-3 minutes until material is thoroughly blended and emulsified.

Application of CP-10 Primer: Working out of a paint tray or bucket with grid, apply material to surface using a 3/8” nap roller cover or paint brush. (Dependent of size of your project) Pot life of primer is 90 minutes at 72°. Make sure any primer you are not using is covered and sealed.

CP-10 Primer Curing Time: Topcoat ready in 6 hours minimum at 72°F (22°C) at 50% Relative Humidity; 48 hours maximum at 72°F (22°C) at 50% Relative Humidity.

MP-10 Water Based Metal Primer: MP-10 is a single component primer and requires no additional additives. Stir with a wooden stick or drill mixer.

Application of Primer:

Working out of a paint tray or bucket, apply material to surface using a 3/8” nap roller cover or paint brush. (Dependent of size of your project) Make sure any primer you are not using is covered and sealed.

Primer Curing Time: To touch is approximately one hour. MP-10 Primer is topcoat ready in 1-4 hours minimum at 72°F (22°C) at 50% Relative Humidity; 48 hours maximum at 72°F (22°C) at 50% Relative Humidity. To cure do not exceed 48 hours. If maximum recoat time is exceeded, abrade surface before recoating. Drying time is dependent upon temperature, humidity and film thickness.


It is recommended that you apply two (2) coats of TUFF COAT coating for light or average traffic areas and three (3) coats for heavy traffic areas.

It is important to “build up” the TUFF COAT coating and do not attempt to achieve desired thickness in one coat. In order to avoid “cracking”, do not allow the TUFF COAT to pool.

Mixing TUFF COAT Use a drill mixer (approximately 250-500 RPM) with a metal mixing blade. Do NOT insert the mixing blade to the bottom of the TUFF COAT immediately.

While mixing, slowly submerge the mixing blade into the TUFF COAT; make sure that you are distributing the rubber aggregate throughout the can/pail. You will periodically need to mix TUFF COAT throughout the application process in order to maintain that the rubber aggregate stays suspended.

Roller Application

ONLY USE TUFF COAT ROLLERS. Other rollers are not developed to pick up and spread the TUFF COAT evenly.

  • Our TUFF COAT roller is specifically designed to lift the rubber material and distribute it to the surface properly.
  • Lightly dampen roller with water.
  • Pour TUFF COAT into paint tray or apply directly from the 5-gallon pail.
  • Completely saturate roller with TUFF COAT, leaving no bare spots on the roller. Apply the first coat as a thin coat. Re-saturate the roller after each pass.
  • Make 4 to 5 consecutive passes in the same direction, with each pass right next to the other.
  • When applying, roll in one direction first, then roll in the opposite direction in order to properly blend the product and create a uniform textured surface.
  • Once an area (remember 4 to 5 passes) is covered, it is helpful to run the roller very lightly over the surface to ensure even distribution of color and rubber.
  • Repeat this process next to the previously coated section to ensure that the areas blend together.
  • When the surface is “touch dry” you may apply the next coat. You will repeat the first coat instructions for subsequent applications, but be sure to apply the TUFF COAT at a right angle to the previous application.

Spray Application

It is important to note that everyone’s expertise with spray applications is not the same. Reaching a balance between a quality spray finish and one where the rubber is poorly distributed is dependent upon technique, spray pressure, spray gun characteristics and the temperature of the TUFF COAT. Take time and experiment with your technique, spray pressure and spray gun nozzle characteristics until you are comfortable and satisfied with the finish. When spraying, it is preferable that TUFF COAT is at room temperature (or warmer) for easier spraying. If you are spraying in colder climates, without warming TUFF COAT, achieving satisfactory spray characteristics will take some adjusting to the spray pressure.

It is recommended that a pressure of at least 40 psi be used in spraying. The spray gun should make a slight “spitting” sound. This is a characteristic of the spray gun and is necessary for an even texture. The TUFF COAT will self-level. While spraying, be careful not to blow rubber crumb away from the area you are working on as this can accumulate in other areas of the job and prevent the polyurethane from bonding with the substrate. If the rubber crumb is bouncing back at you, lower the pressure or hold the spray gun further away from the surface.

Recommended spray guns for application are featured on Tuff Coat's web site. The texture sprayer is recommended for larger projects of 1,000 square feet or more. This machine is available for purchase or rent at most large home improvement stores.

1. Spray water out of the gun to prime.

2. Load TUFF COAT into the machine or hopper gun.

3. Before applying, spray a few short burst away from the surface to test that it is working properly.

4. Holding the gun approximately 12-24 inches away from the surface and at a 90-degree angle to the surface, spray an even, light coat over the entire surface. DO NOT APPLY TO THICK.

5. When the surface has become dry to the touch, apply the next coat.

Remember to remove any over spray immediately with a cloth and water. The TUFF COAT is very difficult to remove once cured. Clean the spray gun with water.

“How-To” videos, project videos and the full Application Manual can be found at or

MSDS sheets on all products are also available through the manufacturer.


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Prior to the application of any product, buyers must contact us to initiate a return within 14 days of receiving an item. On any returned item, Safe Way Traction will refund the cost of the item minus shipping and handling charges. Up to a 20 % restocking may apply. 

TUFF Coat products ship directly from the manufacturer and are not returnable.

Custom quoted orders and Made to Order products are non-returnable.

Deck strips are non-returnable.

No merchandise is to be returned without first contacting Safe Way Traction. Any authorized return merchandise must be carefully packed and in the same condition received. All returned merchandise must be shipped insured and freight prepaid. Some items may not be subject to return including, but not limited to, custom orders, discontinued items and large quantity orders. NO PARTIAL RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED.

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