Jessup PF100 Photoluminescent Glo Brite Glow in the Dark Egress Exit Safety Signs

Jessup Glo Brite PF100 Exit Signs

 (100 Ft Viewing, UL924 & Listed To LED Lighting)

PF100 GloBrite® Molded Plastic Eco Exit sign uses zero energy. It is free to run and does not require maintenance, bulbs, or batteries. It is recyclable, non-toxic, and non-radioactive. The PF100 is designed for surface, flag, ceiling or stem mounting and stores LED, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light. The sign is thin with a low profile construction and provides consistent, uniform illumination visible at 100 ft. Size: W8.75”xL15.5" Life Expectancy: 25+ yrs.

Available Colors are Green, Red & Black

Manufacturer Part #'s 7040-100-B, 7042-100-B, 7050-100-B, 7052-100-B, 7060-100-B & 7062-100-B