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Safe Way Treads Wear Like Iron!
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I bought a set of these reflective treads for the new deck I built. They are still in great condition after two years of blistering SoCal summer heat and two winter downpours. We are having our house remodeled now, and workers carrying sacks of cement, drywall, lumber and sand are tromping on the stair treads, and they still hold up fine. We hose off our deck regularly as well and they have not come loose.

The Last Bath Mat You Will Ever Buy!
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My only regret is not finding out about peel and stick bathtub mats 30 years ago. This mat is thin and sticks directly to the tub, so you can hardly tell it's there. Unlike suction cup mats that are bulky and have a tendency to slide around as well as get mildew underneath. Straightforward and simple installation, non-slip surface, and long length make this product a winner in all aspects. Everyone should own one of these.

Super Reflective - Holds Great!
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Tape sticks to surface like it’s hanging on for dear life - definitely don’t need to worry about it coming off. The reflectiveness of this product is amazing blends in good with aluminum panels so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb but when the light hits it you definitely know it’s there super bright.

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1. What sizes are available?

BOLD STEP Stair Treads are available in 2.6”, (2) 4”, 7.5”, 9” and 11” depths. 

The 2.6”, 4”, 9” and 11” depths have a tapered back while the 7.5” has a rounded back edge. All treads are available in lengths up to 12 feet.

Single cavity treads are available in the 2.6” and a 4” tread while double cavity treads are available in 4”, 7.5”, 9” and 11” depths.

The double cavity treads allow for 2 different colors to be inlayed enabling the customer to color coordinate for appearance and added safety. (meets ADA requirements)

Flat Safety Plates are available in 3.5”, 5.5” and 7” depths for areas not requiring a nosing such as ramps, inclines or landings. Flat plates are a single cavity and available in single colors with the exception of our patented Hazard Stripe. All treads have maximum lengths of 12’.

All Treads and Plates are made to order. Contact Safe Way Traction for sizes that are not listed on the website. 

2. When measuring for the stair treads, do I need to cover the whole step?

You do not need to cover the entire surface of the step. It is recommended that you leave 1/2”- 1” at the side of each tread. This allows for the treads to be centered on each step.

3. What colors are available?

The standard colors are: Black, Grey, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Brown

4. What if I want a different color than what you offer?

Custom colors are available. Contact Safe Way Traction for the process.

5. Are these stair treads easy to install?

Yes, all treads are pre-drilled with counter sunk holes. We have standard drill formats and can send the pattern for the size required if necessary. If you do not want pre-drilled holes, WE MUST be noted on your order. Prepare and clean surface by removing all dirt, debris, loose paint and fluids. The surface must be dry and level prior to installation, if necessary prepare surface with leveling compound or joint filler. Simply place a tread on the top stair making sure it is centered, do the same on the bottom step and use chalk line to establish uniformity. Mark all the holes with center punch. Put the treads aside and use appropriate drill bit for pilot hole. Use Liquid Nail or adhesive to create a gasket be and make a bead on the bottom of the tread around each hole and the edge. Put the treads in place, making sure you line up the holes. Using appropriate fastener for your application (#10 stainless steel screws are recommended), drill the screws into place.

6. Where can these treads be used?

These treads can be used on stairs, ramps, inclines, and landings, indoors as well as outdoors. The surface must be flat. 

7. Will the aluminum corrode?

Our aluminum is exterior grade, heat treated and is inherent with some corrosion resistance. As with any product, when exposed to extreme, harsh conditions product may corrode. Example: Salt water

8. Can I use a shovel to remove snow and ice?

It is best to use a broom or stiff-bristle brush to remove the snow and ice, do not use rock salt.

9. What if I need a notch or miter cut on the treads?

It is best to advise us when you place your order. It is much easier to cut prior to the application of our epoxy mineral abrasive filler. BOLD STEP products can be cut with band saw or diamond blade wet saw but may destroy the blade and possibly darken the edges of the filler.

10. What if I measured incorrectly and my treads are to long?

You can cut the treads on site, but you will need a Diamond Blade. It is best to cut them from top to bottom, smooth the ends with a high-speed sander.

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