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Safe Way Treads Wear Like Iron!
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I bought a set of these reflective treads for the new deck I built. They are still in great condition after two years of blistering SoCal summer heat and two winter downpours. We are having our house remodeled now, and workers carrying sacks of cement, drywall, lumber and sand are tromping on the stair treads, and they still hold up fine. We hose off our deck regularly as well and they have not come loose.

The Last Bath Mat You Will Ever Buy!
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My only regret is not finding out about peel and stick bathtub mats 30 years ago. This mat is thin and sticks directly to the tub, so you can hardly tell it's there. Unlike suction cup mats that are bulky and have a tendency to slide around as well as get mildew underneath. Straightforward and simple installation, non-slip surface, and long length make this product a winner in all aspects. Everyone should own one of these.

Super Reflective - Holds Great!
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Tape sticks to surface like it’s hanging on for dear life - definitely don’t need to worry about it coming off. The reflectiveness of this product is amazing blends in good with aluminum panels so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb but when the light hits it you definitely know it’s there super bright.

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Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Posted by James Urasky on

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Spring is in the air!

Getting your home into shape after winter can help your home look its best.  Keep in mind the following SAFETY TIPS while tackling jobs inside and out:


  • Make a plan and have supplies ready – include items such as cleaning supplies, garbage bags, protective equipment (rubber gloves, masks, & safety glasses) and boxes to sort things into. 
  • Tackle the clutter first. Sorting and putting away items Tuff Coat Non-skid surface coating in garagemakes it easier to access the items that needs to be cleaned, organized or moved. 
  • Know your limitations. Be careful moving large pieces of furniture and appliances. Use proper lifting techniques (lift with your legs) and ask for help. Wear shoes when moving heavy items so you don’t hurt your toes. Always keep safety in mind.
  • Be safe while on ladders and step stools. When doing a task, such as washing windows, use extreme caution.  Do not lean too far to either side. A good rule of thumb is that your belly button should not go beyond the sides of the ladder. Also, have someone available to hold the ladder steady for you if possible, and make sure before you step on them, that the rungs are not wet, and you are wearing non skid shoes. 
  • Be careful when walking on wet surfaces. Everyone knows how easy it is to slip on a wet floor. Make sure you take the proper precautions to keep from falling and warn others of the wet floor to keep them safe. 
  • Keep stairs, landings and walkways clear. Spring is a great time to declutter your home. When sorting items for givSafe Way Traction Clear Resilient Treadse-away or garbage, remember to place them outside walkways and away from steps and stairs where someone may trip on them.
  • Don't carry too much at once, especially on stairs. If you have steps or stairs in your home, you will also probably be carrying things up and down. Make sure you keep a hand free to hold onto the stair railing and always make sure you can see over the load you are carrying so you do not trip (whether on the stairs or not!).
  • Always follow cleaning product label safety instructions and recommendations. Cleaning supplies can create nasty fumes. Make sure you get some fresh air by opening windows, turning on the exhaust fan, or placing a fan in the room. 
  • Don't leave buckets filled with water around your home. Even small amounts of water are a drowning hazard for small children.
  • Remember to take breaks, drink a glass of water and sit and rest if you get tired. Don’t overdo it and rush to get everything done at once!
  • Put away all your cleaning supplies when you are done. Cleaning supplies are an attractive nuisance for our children and pets, something inviting that they should definitely not be getting into.


  • Dress for the job. Wear shoes or boots, not sandals, Safe Way Traction Tuff Coat on deckto protect your toes. Properly fitting gloves can not only improve your grip on tools but also help keep skin safe from blisters, sunburn, bug bites, poisonous plants, and chemicals. Hearing protection is a must-have when using loud equipment. Safety glasses keep flying objects out of your eyes. Bug spray keeps the pests away. Apply SPF to any exposed skin.
  • Ready the tools. Familiarize yourself with power tools and how they work. Check cords on tools and extension cords for cuts, cracks, and frayed wires — and do not use them if damaged. Also check the label to make sure you don’t use an indoor extension cord outside. Make sure tools are in the “off” position before plugging them in or unplugging. 
  • Use ladders safely: Set on a firm, level surface; never stand on one of the top three rungs; and use a utility belt to hold tools so you can properly climb facing the ladder. 

       Common Outdoor Tasks to Tackle During Spring Cleaning:

  • Wash screens and clean windows
  • Clear debris (dead branches, fallen leaves, and trash)
  • Trim branches  
  • Clean out chimneys and gutters 
  • Clean play equipment, bird feeders and outdoor patio furniture
  • Mow and rake lawn. 
  • Prune and trim trees and bushes.
  • Check walkways, steps and outdoor decking for damage. 

Follow these spring cleaning safety tips to have a safe and productive spring cleaning! Summer is coming!

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